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The Ultimate All-In-One Immunity Supplement


Brilliantly Designed to Adapt & Survive

You were granted the best fighting force in the universe: The human immune system. It doesn't just "switch on" once foreign threats are detected. It's fighting, monitoring, and advancing from the moment we're born.

The vital mission of the immune system is to prevent or limit infection. Recognize that various parts of the immune system have specific roles and responsibilities -- individually and collectively.

These immuno-warriors defend, protect, support, recover, and become even more resilient every day. They learn and adapt, so every new wave of warriors inherits better intelligence and fighting power than ever before.

Understandably, this hard-working system gets worn down as we age and as more threats seem to be conspiring against us. Many threats are ingrained in this fast-paced environment we're living in. Other threats come from the choices we make daily.

How do we minimize these threats? As the commander in chief, it's your job to give your immuno-warriors everything they need to execute the mission.

If fatigue, weariness, doubt, illness, and hopelessness have already affected YOU -- the commander -- your vital life force has already been compromised.

But you can restore your unstoppable spirit and the warriors within you. Let's explore the immune system in depth. We'll learn how to create the most deadly weapon against pathogens.

We want you to understand better how the immune system works and what can be done proactively to ensure it functions as optimally as possible.

We're Aware of Danger, but Unsure of Our Resilience

How did we lose touch with our vital fire within?

Now more than ever, the strength of our immunity is front of mind. Germs are everywhere, and it seems that life can never go back to normal. So, how can we survive?

The question is not, "Have I been exposed?" But instead, "How do I stay resilient against it?"

  • Kid comes home from daycare with a runny nose.
  • Cold and flu season is on the horizon. Uh oh...
  • Come home from a business trip after a long flight and hotel stay.
  • Your partner has a scratchy throat or stuffy nose.
  • Hugged someone you haven't seen in a while.
  • Toss and turn all night and are exhausted by morning.
  • Your energy can't last all day, and you need to lie down early.

2020 was a life-impacting year. Those who've never thought twice about immunity have taken a profound interest. Those with existing health issues found their concerns amplified.

  • Don't hug Grandpa or Grandma.
  • Can't shake hands anymore -- elbows instead.
  • Stay 6 feet away, or else!

Luckily there are blessings amidst the confusion. You can protect yourself and those you love. With 23VITALS, we crafted the solution to do it.

How We Win: We Make a Conscious Shift

No more fear of exposure. Gain confidence in your ability to fight.

Thinking about immunity as a reaction to exposure is all wrong -- but that’s what we’ve been taught. Your lifestyle moves the needle between an immune system that’s “always fighting” and one that’s “nurturing optimal health.”

We’ve become accustomed to believing that “mega-dosing” and “immune boosters” are the best ways to prepare for flu season.

  • Wake up with a cold? Take Vitamin C.
  • Around people who are sick? You're bound to get sick too.
  • Get the flu or 'catch a little bug' every winter? There's no way around it.

Start thinking of immunity as a modulator of health and disease. Our immune systems work on our most miserable sick day and our most joyous days of good health.

Why mega-dose on 1-2 ingredients when we can feed our cells the exact nutrition they need to fight? What’s the point of giving a soldier 5 guns if they don’t have any bullets?

Mega-dosing doesn’t work. But, 23VITALS provides a unique approach to give your cells the ultimate fuel for a lifelong fight.

Our hope is for you to have a better understanding of how the immune system works, along with the things we can do proactively to ensure its functioning as optimally as possible.

Role of the Immune System

What does the immune system actually do?

Always on high alert. Constantly scanning for threats. Neutralizing harmful agents, and rebuilding the vitality of our cells.

The immune system is our natural defense system. It’s running daily patrols to identify infected or damaged cells.

It’s hunting for infectious microbes such as viruses and bacteria. Once a pathogen appears on the radar, immuno-warriors immediately stop the threat from getting in or mount a response to destroy it.

If the response falls short, we get sick. If the response goes overboard or activates in absence of a threat, we can get an allergic reaction or autoimmune disease.

Immune System Anatomy

Meet the loyal warriors responsible for your life.

Let's break down the parts of the immune system. You'll learn how your body works to help you survive.

  • The Biological Arsenal
  • The Biological Response

Fireguard soldiers against disease:1,3

  • Saliva: Breaks down bacterial cell walls.
  • Tear fluid: Blocks pathogens from entering through the eyes.
  • Mucus: Traps foreign agents in the airways, gut, urinary tract, and vagina.
  • Stomach acid: Kills germs in your food once they enter the stomach.
  • Protective bacteria: Alert the immune system to take action in the gut and on the skin.

Frontline Infantry organs and tissues:1,4,5

  • Tonsils/Adenoids: Stop pathogens from entering through the nose and mouth.
  • Thymus: Creates T cells that monitor cellular changes.
  • Spleen: Stores immune cells, including phagocytes, to filter germs.
  • Bone marrow: Creates lymphocytes before moving into the bloodstream.
  • Axillary lymph nodes: Filter out fluid, bacteria, and abnormal cells.
  • Peyer’s patch: Line the intestines.
  • Appendix: May serve as storage for healthy gut bacteria.
  • Inguinal lymph nodes: Filter out fluid, bacteria, and abnormal cells.

Militant fighting tactics:2

  • White blood cells: Scan for pathogens to launch an immune response.
  • Antibodies: Mark foreign microbes for an attack.
  • Cytokines: Signaling molecules that white blood cells use to instruct and communicate with other cells.
  • Fever: Increases your body temperature to kill certain microbes.

Special Op cells:

  • B cells: Instruct cells to neutralize and remove pathogens. Also involved in storing intelligence for immune memory.
  • T cells: Gather information from specialized cells and have receptors unique to a specific antigen.

Innate Arm of Immunity

Innate immunity is the defense response you were born with. Its aim is generalized protection to fight any stressor you face. Think of it like a frontline infantry.

Your skin, stomach acid, cough reflex, enzymes in tears, oils on the skin, mucus, swelling, phagocytes and pus are all a part of innate immunity.

The innate immune defense can neutralize most threats, but sometimes more specialized forces are required. If the innate immune system fails to stop an infection, the adaptive immune system is activated.

Adaptive Arm of Immunity

Adaptive immunity is a specialized defense where the body learns, responds and attacks specific agents. Think of it as a tactful, highly effective Special Forces unit.

It generates pathogen-specific antigens to quickly identify the pathogen and destroy it.

Your body uses T cells to destroy infected cells and remember past offenders. B cells produce and release antibodies. Antibodies neutralize germs and fortify the innate immune response.

B cells are a key component of adaptive immunity. They scan for foreign pathogens and create Y-shaped antibodies to stop them from penetrating healthy cells.

T cells are highly-skilled cells that target a single, specific type of pathogen to kill.

Memory T cells never forget a previous pathogen. They stay on high alert even after the infection is over. By having these memory cells in your body, you can annihilate this antigen even more effectively next time.

Cells of Immunity

Hematopoietic cells are stem cells that create blood cells and immune cells. They’re self-renewing and can transform into other specialized cells. To protect the body, hematopoietic cells can dictate targeted cell death.6 

Myeloid progenitor cells are the precursor to several types of cells in the innate immune response, including mast cells, eosinophils and neutrophils.

Mast cells are the ultimate signaling cells. They release histamines and heparin to set off the allergic response.

Eosinophils infiltrate an inflamed area to trap pathogens, kill infected cells and stimulate the allergic and inflammatory response.

Neutrophils are phagocytic white blood cells that are highly effective at targeting and neutralizing a microbial infection.

Basophils help to delay blood clotting and release histamine in the allergic response.

Macrophages tag foreign pathogens for future annihilation. With minor threats, macrophages engulf the microbe and clear it from the system. If the threat is too powerful, they sound the alarm with a cytokine release.

Lymphoid progenitor cells are the precursor to T cells, B cells and dendritic cells.

Dendritic cells pick up antigens on a pathogen, track down the relevant T cells and sacrifice it to the T cells to be destroyed.

Natural Killer cells kill tumors and our own friendly cells that have become infected with a pathogen.

Plasma cells release antibodies against a specific pathogen. They are the last step in B cell differentiation to kill threats.

Cytotoxic cells kill cancer cells and your own cells that have been damaged or infected.

Molecules of Immunity

Cytokines are part of your natural immune and inflammatory response. They’re immune-modulating agents made up of proteins.

Think of them as the “intel immuno-warriors" of the immune system. They control the activity of immune cells and blood cells.7

Their role:

  • Identify and send messages based on the threat
  • Alert the innate and/or adaptive immune system
  • Direct brain cells to release chemicals that tell the body you’re in danger, sick, afraid, stressed or worried
  • Enhance or suppress the production of other cytokines
  • Regulate mechanisms for phagocytosis, cytotoxicity and inflammation

Without cytokines, our immune system wouldn't know when to activate because there would be no indication of a threat.

Cytokines are protective in normal circumstances. But, our body can rapidly release too many cytokines (a cytokine storm), making them harmful.8

Fatigue and achiness is a common symptom of the cytokine release.

Is my Immune System Healthy... or not?

How to Tell if Your Immune System is Healthy or Unhealthy

Compromised Immune System

    • You’re riddled with frequent infections.
    • You get sick and fear how well you’ll cope.
    • You have frequent bouts of gastrointestinal distress.9 
    • You get more tired, even when you’re doing less and less.
    • You’re choking down supplements and pushing yourself to the limit.
    • You’re “going the extra mile,” deteriorating your sanity and immune resilience.
    • You’re in survival mode and completely overwhelmed.

Optimized Immune System

    • You’re all set with a healthy diet and exercise plan.
    • You get enough sleep.
    • You’re healthy! Maybe the healthiest you’ve ever been.
    • You’re awake and present and thankful.
    • You’ve grasped the power to change the trajectory of your energy and actions.
    • You grow every day with magnetic ambition. Rather than exhausted, you’re energized.
    • You’re in creation mode, liquefying stress into fuel.

What weakens your immune system?

    • Smoking and alcohol
    • Poor nutrition
    • Pro-inflammatory compounds
    • Autoimmune disease and immuno-compromising treatments
    • Excessive exercise
    • Constant stress and poor stress management
    • Survival mode
    • Hyperactive immunity (i.e. asthma, eczema, rhinitis)10
    • Suboptimal sleep patterns

What strengthens your immune system?

    • Proper diet
    • Adequate exercise
    • Immune-boosting micronutrients
    • Probiotics
    • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds
    • Hand washing
    • Avoid smoking and limiting alcohol
    • Adequate sleep patterns
    • Stress management tactics

Dangers of Stress on Immunity

It's all good... until it's not.

Our real power lies within how we diffuse chronic stress to lighten the load on the immune system.

Managing external and internal stress will let the immune system do its job: nourishing your cells for optimal health.

Let’s jump to the key modulator between a compromised immune system and an optimized one: stress.

We’re not talking about the presence or lack of stress... Stress will always be in your life.

But, staying in a high-level of stress frays the resilience of every cell in your body. Your body releases hormones that are meant to protect you, but only for a short time.

A prolonged release of stress hormones can wreak havoc, even on the cellular level. Everything is connected.

Soon enough, you may see signs that the health of your cells are deteriorating.

  • Rapid breathing
  • Sweating and hot flashes
  • Fast heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Glucose intolerance (high blood sugar)
  • Poor digestion
  • Tunnel vision and/or anxiety

How to Optimize Your Immune System

Think you're too far gone, too old, or too busy to optimize your immunity?

With the right selection of tools and knowledge, you can replace fear with confidence in your ability to optimize your immune system into the best it’s ever been.

Take steps to create an immune system that gets you out of just “surviving” and into “thriving.”

Changes to Make Today

    • Push yourself to exercise
    • Go to sleep earlier
    • Research immune support products that work for you
    • Cut out alcohol today
    • Step into the sunlight
    • Practice good hand hygiene
    • Brush your teeth (and floss)
    • Connect with someone
    • If you smoke, quit
    • Educate yourself about stress and stress management tactics 

Changes for Long-Term Vitality

    • Get phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables
    • Take a probiotic or choose probiotic-rich foods
    • Take immune-supporting supplements consistently
    • Fill your diet with anti-inflammatory compounds like omega-3s in fish, nuts and seeds
    • Exercise for at least 150 minutes per week
    • Reframe your day to get 7-9 hours of sleep as much as possible
    • Practice stress management daily

Everything is Truly Connected

Everything is energy.

Non-stop immuno-warriors need the ultimate fuel to keep going. We have the power to amplify or extinguish the human spirit through our words, thoughts and actions.

There is life in every particle, atom, molecule, and cell of your body. The immune system is brilliant by design and perfectly capable of healing itself. It needs our trust, nourishment, relaxation and the feeling of security.

When you begin to understand this, you start to recognize what or who is sabotaging the strength of your immune resilience.

And here’s the beautiful thing: Dealing with those stressors is easy.

It’s time to shift our awareness to the things that prevent us from activating our vital life force within.

Take responsibility and ownership of your body’s natural ability to protect, defend, support, repair, rejuvenate, and heal.

Doing this will not only improve your health, but it will unlock a whole new level of creation. Resilience and confidence help you find your ultimate purpose on this planet.


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"Total immune optimization begins within. Amazing things start to occur when the organisms within feel a renewed sense of awareness and confidence."

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