Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™ – 23Vitals

Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™

49 reviews
Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™

Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™

49 reviews
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23VITALS is for both the weak and the strong. Those with weakened immune systems need to know that the immune system can become stronger and more resilient. Problem solvers, creators, overworked essential workers, overexposed frontline workers, overstressed first responders, overwhelmed teachers, parents, and grandparents? We've got your back! 


✅  6 ingredients to calm and energize an overworked immune system 

✅  7 ingredients to fortify your frontline innate immunity

✅  6 ingredients to make your adaptive immunity more accurate and lethal

✅  8 ingredients to optimize complex organ systems

✅  50 human clinical trials backing safe and effective immune ingredients

✅  Total immune coverage: vitamin A, B12, C, D3, zinc, copper, selenium, and more 


→ 1 scoop per day
→ Mix with water, yogurt, shakes, and smoothies 


*Deep Discount Ends in

Focus on one of the things you can control by providing your immune system with proper nourishment while navigating environmental and seasonal challenges.

23Vitals provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Immuno-Enhancing formula that is balanced and coordinated to build a more resilient & protective Immune system.

23Vitals helps your Immune System become "Strong like BULL!"

Confidence > Fear


Truly the BEST Immunity supplement money can buy…

We didn’t take ONE shortcut.

EVERY ingredient choice is justified… and was chosen to provide a specific role - individually and collectively. 

Many brands are making strong claims based on “mega-dosing” vitamin C and zinc. 

We chose another route. We created a real solution. 

One Scoop. Once a Day. 

23Vitals™ was designed to promote the most complete, balanced, regulated and strong innate + adaptive immune response that is up for daily challenges, while tempering the blood cytokine profile, and also maintaining healthy blood flow, blood clotting balance, respiratory and microbiome/ gut health…making this ultimate immune solution a versatile and comprehensive ally for optimal immune function.

23Vitals™ is an orchestrated symphony of naturally occurring "Immune-Potentiating" bioactive ingredients to help train, remodel, rejuvenate and fortify the Immune System.

23Vitals™ has the sophistication to take all the guess work out of finding the right, clinically-supported nutraceutical immune product, because it can help regulate the immune system at a fundamental level. It goes beyond just "supporting," since the immune system is enormously dynamic, generating approximately 6 Million new immune cells every minute…daily. As a result,

23Vitals™ has a profound impact on immune function by contributing to rejuvenating and remodeling the immune system into a more effective and resilient one to empower consumers and their families.

23Vitals™ uses 4 different Immuno-Active ingredient blends organized with a sophisticated treasure trove of bioactive natural compounds to comprehensively prepare, defend & support your healthy immune system, and respond to environmental immune stressors. Put simply, 23Vitals™ can be used daily to optimize immune health and promote a balanced inflammatory response.



VITAL Innate Immuno-Resilience Blend:

ResistAID® is a patented, all-natural North American Larch tree extract with clinically proven benefits in humans for optimizing both the Innate & Adaptive arms of the immune response. 

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that can increase the levels of IgG anti-bodies, acid/base balance, and cellular protection which are key to fortifying, preparing and supporting your immune system.

Wellmune® (1,3-1,6 beta-glucan) is a trademarked, yeast cell wall-derived source of beta-glucans, and is one of the most well studied immune ingredients available, as the subject of over 12 human clinical trials shown to prime innate immune cells such as macrophages, Natural Killer (NK) cells and monocytes to elicit a stronger immune response. They contribute the phenomenon known as “trained immunity” where innate immune cells are “taught” or "educated" to recognize specific foreign immune challengers from previous exposure.

Quercetin Dihydrate is a polyphenol flavonoid found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, onions, garlic, ginger and tea known for its extensive antioxidant properties for maintaining immune and blood vessel health. Quercetin can work well alongside Vitamin C that helps to recycle any quercetin that has been oxidized, in addition to zinc, by potentially allowing improved cellular entry and utilization, both of which are also found in 23Vitals™ for stabilizing mast cell inflammatory responses, and respiratory health benefits.

Emodin (Polygonum cuspidatum std. 95% emodin) is an anthraquinone compound found in several plant species, including Aloe vera and other botanicals that have been used for cardiovascular and bone health in traditional Eastern health systems. Emodin has immunostimulant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, increase lysozyme activity of innate immunity, and it may interact with ACE2 receptors found in respiratory, heart, kidney and intestinal tissues. 

Piperine (Piper nigum seed black pepper extract) is the main bioactive in black pepper extract, and can dramatically increase the absorption & bioavailability of certain ingredients in this blend, such as emodin and quercetin.

VITAL Adaptive Immuno-Defend Matrix:

23Vitals Immune Factors (Colostrum enhanced with Lactoferrin, Proline-rich Peptides, Immunoglobulins and Sialic acid) is a trademarked form of bovine colostrum found in 23Vitals™, which is packed with lactoferrin, PRPs, and other proteins to help the body’s adaptive and innate immune system prepare, defend and support a healthy heart, lung, gut, vascular and musculoskeletal organ systems and recover against seasonal challenges, as well as maintain a balanced, resilient immune response. 

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra 10:1 extract) has been called “Nature’s Immune Tonic,” because it has been used for centuries in traditional health systems to optimize the immune response. Elderberry has a longstanding reputation and legacy as an immuno-enhancing ingredient due to high content of bioflavonoids and anthocyanins, which increase key cytokines that boost & regulate communication with other white blood cells.

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceous root std. 0.5% astragalosides) contains long-chain carbohydrate molecules, which have been shown to have immunomodulating properties that help balance the actions of immune-stimulant cytokines to get a more nuanced application of both the “brake” and “gas” pedals to stimulate macrophage response, improve the function of adaptive immunity via T-cells and B cells, and activate innate immunity natural killer (NK) cells.

ACTIValoe® (Aloe vera inner leaf gel extract std. 10% acemannan) is a highly pure ingredient derived from the Aloe Vera plant, used by Ancient Greeks as a “panacea,” as it seemed to support the health of all major organ systems. There are hundreds of bioactive compounds in aloe vera, but the most researched for boosting immune response is acemannan, shown to stimulate white blood cell (WBC) activity, as well as gut and microbiome, which regulate adaptive immune responses.

Bl-04® (Bifidobacterium lactis) is one of the healthy probiotic bacterial strains known as Bifidobacterium lactis which may help support immune and lung function via improving the ratio of beneficial-to-undesirable bacteria in your microbiome. Scientists have also made a connection between bacteria in your gut and bacteria in your lungs called the “gut-lung axis" known to support lung immunity, as well as an adaptive, healthy immune response.

Organ system, Blood flow, and Cytokine Wellness Matrix:

OptiMSM® (Methylsulfonylmethane) is the world’s purest, safest and most consistent form of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a highly bioavailable source of sulfur found in hundreds of enzymes in your body known as reduction-oxidation (redox) reactions that protect DNA, proteins and fatty acids that make up infrastructure of all cells for immune support and crosses over outside of immune health to provide resilience to physical exercise and mental stress.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a highly bioavailable form of the amino acid cysteine, which is the main amino acid precursor to the tripeptide glutathione, as part of the body’s master antioxidant enzyme, glutathione peroxidase. NAC supports healthy mitochondrial function, cellular defense by neutralizing free radicals with human clinical studies showing healthy respiratory, liver function, improved levels of lymphocytes, NK cells activity and antibody responses.

VasoDrive-AP® (Milk protein derived Vasoactive Tripeptides) is an all-natural, combination of milk protein-derived lactotripeptides, which are small protein molecules that can aid in balancing ACE:ACE2 enzyme balance closely tied to a healthy Renin-Angiotensin System (RAS) for promoting vascular, pulmonary and cardio health by controlling vasoconstriction, inflammation, fibrosis, oxidative stress and diminished blood flow.

Schisandra chinensis (std. 2% schisandrins) has been widely used in traditional Eastern medicine for several thousand years with research showing the positive effects of Schisandra on liver function, lipid peroxidation and, more recently immune function.

Birch outer bark (Betula alba extract std. 3% betulinic acid) has demonstrated strong immunomodulatory effects in humans via stimulatory cytokines like TNF-alpha, while decreasing expression of Interleukin-2 and 6 (IL-2, IL-6). A balance of cytokine activity where there is not too strong, but also not too weak of an innate and adaptive immune stimulation is key for having an effective immune response.

Immuno-Vitamins & Mineral Foundation Matrix:

Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) is an essential micronutrient for immunity, cellular differentiation, growth, reproduction and maintenance of epithelial surfaces that provide barrier Immune protection to the mucosa lining the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs and gut/intestinal tract.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is part of a family of quintessential, classic immune fortifying essential vitamins that is especially in high-demand by hardworking white blood cells during seasonal immune stressors. It works in conjunction with other immuno-vitamins/minerals in this matrix to neutralize foreign threats to your health and wellbeing. 

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is one of the most important immune-vitamins as a white blood cell mediator that helps regulate the macrophage response critical to innate immunity, while controlling cytokine expression when the immune system is challenged to help protect against an overactive and hyper-stimulated immune response. Additionally, vitamin D3 regulates ACE2 receptor function, respiratory health and epithelial cells that line the lungs, mucosa and gut going  beyond immune health with side benefits by supporting bone, calcium absorption, respiratory and even mood health. 

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) is a versatile B-complex vitamin that plays a key role in many different body systems including maintaining healthy DNA synthesis, cell membrane and protein function for immune, nervous system & whole body wellness.

Zinc (Zinc picolinate) is a trace element that is a cofactor in over 300 enzymes that affect your immune system necessary for NK cell function,T-cell (lymphocyte) function and production and B-cell antibody responses. 

Selenium (L-selenomethionine) status is critical for proper function of macrophages, NK cells, lymphocytes, as well as protection against oxidative stress—all of which are key to innate and adaptive arms of an optimized immune response.

Copper (copper gluconate) is an essential metal necessary for hundreds of enzymatic and redox processes, and like zinc, copper is also critical for immune function, including cytokine response, antibody protein function and activity, macrophage and NK cell response, and of course, protection from oxidative stress.


Well... that depends on what you like. Flavoring nutritional supplements has become as much of an art as there is science behind its development. 

Staying true to product intent and ensuring that each ingredient is able to shine is where 23 Vitals leaves the competition behind. Where most choose simply to leave “difficult to flavor” ingredients out, we chose to take them head on.

Spending an inordinate amount of time in R&D, we chose flavors that work well with the ingredient’s natural profiles, reducing the need for overdoing maskers and allowing the ingredients themselves to show through.

We chose not to remove some of vitamin and mineral notes, emphasizing their need to be in the formula, and instead, focused on pairing the bitter and stringent components with sour naturally occurring citrus fruits.

By doing this, we settled on two delicious flavors that inspire both youthfulness and energy through common, yet reminiscent thoughts of two of the most traditional and iconic, semi-sweet treats we all remember having while growing up.

Orange Creamsicle

This flavor was meant to evoke that summery classic treat; a nostalgic creme-filled orange popsicle. The flavor combines sweet dairy creamy notes with a zesty citrus, orange flavor at the start and finish. Aroma is also reminiscent of ripe, sweet Valencia oranges.

Strawberry Lemonade

This flavor has an upfront tart, sweet and lightly sour lemonade, balanced with notes of true-to-life ripe, sweet strawberry finish. It's as if a handful of sweet jumbo, red strawberries were muddled at the bottom of a freshly squeezed glass of ice-cold lemonade. Aroma is of a floral, ripe strawberry garden.


Knowing your immune system is healthy and prepared to meet any new threats, head on.
Knowing your immune system is identifying and handling challenges as it should.
Knowing all immune related organs and cells are being optimized with the fuel they need to work properly.
Knowing your immune system will rebound quickly while becoming more more resilient the next time a threat returns.
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Ted H.
United States United States
Love it

The taste! I love shaking up some ice cold water with a scoop of this stuff in the morning in a mason jar. It tastes like Tang, but it's freakin' good for me. It gives me a feeling of calm and security to know that I'm putting my immune system on the right path first thing every day. A fantastic addition to my routine. Thanks 23 Vitals! Just wanted to reach out to say thank you, great product, will continue to use.

Ortiz D.
United States United States

Order was delivered very quickly. 23 Vitals is a great tasting formula and I absolutely love it! Would highly recommend!


Thank you, Diana!

David F.
United States United States
Quite The Nutritional Package!

So Far, So Good. Blends well in My Home Made Drinks, Tastes Good. and is Definitely a Great addition to My Daily Nutrient Arsenal. I will keep using it on a Regular Basis, To ensure the Best Results. It usually takes a Short Bit of time to actually Feel Noticeable Results, especially given the Fact that I take a WIDE Variety of Supplements. Thank You for a Promising Product!!

23Vitals Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™ Review

Thank you, David!

United States United States
Pretty good but...

I think this definitely helped my energy and I loved the taste but I wish it didn't contain MSM. This triggers headaches for me and I had quite a few while taking this. Not the company's fault so I still gave it 4 stars. I just wish they made a MSM-free version.


Thank you for leaving a review! Hmm... This is a super rare but known side effect of MSM... for those with a known sensitivity to sulfites. For those with sulfite sensitivity, clinical doses of MSM may trigger a headache. However, these effects are rare and the overall benefit + safety profile of OptiMSM (more expensive - but the highest quality) made it a worthy bioactive ingredient in 23. Tomorrow, try splitting it up into two... Not sure how much water you're using to mix it up - or drinking per day - but test an increased amount of water and up your intake in general throughout the day - see how you feel. If you're still feeling 'off' - please let me know - you can email me directly - tom@23vitals.com. TE

Robert T.
United States United States
Only been taking for a week......

But I like the taste and the ingredients are really good. I drink before I go to bed, seems to help me sleep better. It has only been a week, but so far I am satisfied.


Thank you for leaving a review, Robert!

Aoys C.
United States United States
Great product

Fast delivery; great taste. I ordered the orange creamsicle and it is pretty close. I drink it for breakfast and I love it!

Jeniece A.
United States United States
Who knew?!

I take a slew of supplements & vitamins daily. Admittedly I took the typical bump of zinc at the on set of a cold or a pack of emergen-c. What really got my brain spinning was the 23 Vitals website. I went down the rabbit hole of information there, and emerged enlightened and challenged. I chose the strawberry lemon and it’s so good! Took me a minute to find exactly how much water I wanted to use for my taste buds…but it truly is enjoyable to drink. 23 Vitals sits on my kitchen window ledge and I wake up, go make a shaker cup with ice and go on with my morning routine. (Note: I found it really needs to be shaken and I let it sit for a few minutes and then give it a good shake again… The first day I just tried stirring it with a spoon and it was a bit too gritty for me.) It has been a week since I started on it, and I truly do feel my gut is processing better, my energy feels more genuine and my thoughts feel clearer. It didn’t happen right away, like I was half way expecting (like slamming an energy drink)......it was just yesterday that I looked down and my stomach was less bloated and I reflected on how my internal thoughts were, and I realized I felt clearer, or lighter. Can’t really explain it. Just my experience. I would highly recommend it for you and any people in your Circle ⭕️. So you can all rise up together. Intrigued to try the orange flavor next. Thanks Tom & team for creating this.

23Vitals Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™ Review23Vitals Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™ Review23Vitals Daily Fuel for Total Immune System Optimization - 23VITALS™ Review


So thankful to be one of the early users of this product, I wasn't sure what I should be taking and I'm a working mom of 4 with a newborn so I can't afford to have my energy levels depleted. I've been taking the Strawberry Lemonade in the morning with cold filtered water... it taste great!

Amber Aten, Busy mom doing all the things.

Loving it so far. My wife and I have incorporated 23Vitals into our morning routine... we've got a full house and a large mortgage - so we need all the extra force we can get!! Haha :) 

Ryan Blackport, Husband and Father of 3 young champions and 1 princess!

My son shared all the supplements he was buying on Amazon about 6 months ago and it was too complicated and steep for my blood. I needed it to be easier.  Been taking 23Vitals for over a month, just subscribed for more. It tastes great... and much easier to manage. No fear! 

David Elliott, Grandfather of 5

I have been taking this product for about a month now and love it. The strawberry lemonade flavor tastes great and goes down smoothly. It’s been incredibly nice knowing I am getting in all the proper immunity supplements and vitamins without having to buy products individually, which can get expensive - I get everything I need in one scoop per day. I will definitely keep using this product!

Mark Malek

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch (from the sidelines) the development of 23Vitals from the earliest stages - in fact, I think I can safely make the claim that I have tasted and tested and taken more servings of 23Vitals than any other person. I love the product, I love the formula, I love the flavors and I continue to take it every single day. There is no miracle cure and there is no magic formula, but there are things we can do to give our bodies and immune systems the best fighting chance possible. I don’t skip my daily workouts and I don’t skip my daily 23Vitals, and all I can say is I’m happy with the results and the way that I feel.

Kyle Reynolds

I absolutely love 23Vitals! I feel great every day I take it. It’s just what I need in these tough times to boost my immune system, which is typically pretty bad. I can feel a difference in myself since I’ve started taking it. The strawberry lemonade is delicious! Good for you and tastes great! That’s a win, win if you ask me! Getting ready to order another bottle before I runout, it’s part of my everyday routine. Would recommend!

Ivy Alverez
Our Promise

We know our product is the best option from a dietary supplement perspective for Total Immune Vitality. If you come across something after you've purchased from us that you believe is "better," or a product that we should be aware of - with respect to claims or efficacy - please share it with us so we can take a look. We'll be happy to provide a comparative analysis. 

Our Commitment

Earning your trust is our #1 priority. If you're unhappy with the product, simply call or email, and one of our team members will do their best to make you happy and address any concern. No games. We created this product because we knew there had to be better way for us to be proactive about our immune system, at a lower cost than what we experienced buying dozens of items off Amazon every month. 

Our Mission

We're going to do everything we can to help be a positive, empowering voice for those who desire being proactive to bolster and prime their immune systems. We leveraged the best nutraceutical science has to offer with broad expertise in human physiology and biochemistry to optimize heath & human performance in daily life. No more fear. We want people to feel safe, courageous and ready for anything.