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The Ultimate All-In-One Immunity Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions




Product Use

The key is 23Vitals™ is anchored by clinically studied ingredients across many populations, various age ranges from children through seniors, with a significant focus on immune-relevant biomarkers and endpoints. Over 50 human clinical trials support the critical ingredients in 23Vitals™ + other intentionally thought-through elements with promising cell studies and animal preclinical demonstrating rock-solid scientific rationale.

23Vitals™ was crafted to promote a balanced and regulated immune response. We recognized the importance of having a solid innate and adaptive response that is up for any challenge. While proactively thinking through additional aspects, i.e., tempering the blood cytokine profile and maintaining blood flow, coagulation, respiratory, and microbiome/ gut health. Knowing how important our microbiome/gut health is to optimal immune function. The gut is a versatile and comprehensive ally in orchestrating optimal immune function.

23Vitals™ is an orchestrated symphony of naturally occurring "Immune-Potentiating" bioactive ingredients to help train, remodel and rejuvenate the Immune System. 23Vitals™ has the sophistication of taking all the guesswork out of finding the right nutraceutical immune product because it can help regulate the immune system at a fundamental level. It goes beyond just "supporting" since the immune system is enormously dynamic, generating approximately 6 Million new immune cells every minute…daily. As a result, 23Vitals™ has a profound impact on immune function by rejuvenating and remodeling the immune system into a more effective and resilient one to empower consumers and their families.


23Vitals™ uses four different Immuno-Active ingredient blends organized with a sophisticated treasure trove of bioactive natural compounds to comprehensively prepare, defend & support your healthy immune system, and respond to environmental immune stressors.


Simply "ramping up" the immune system is not what you want to do. 23Vitals™ uses a practical, sophisticated formulation strategy to help the immune system in a manner proportional to the challenge.

Over the last two-plus years, we've had a mix of buyers. Do what you feel is best for you. We have many who wanted to try first, we've had many who've signed up for a subscription immediately and many have ordered in bulk -- buying for family, friends, and co-workers...

Follow the suggested use on the label by mixing ½ to 1 full scoop in 8 – 16 ounces of water, mix well and enjoy. 

You can also add 23Vitals™ to your favorite smoothie or protein shake! We recommend you take 23Vitals™ anytime it's convenient in the morning after breakfast or midday after lunch to promote immune health.

23Vitals™ is meant to be taken year-round, as optimal immune health from normal life stressors is not just seasonal. Everyday lifestyle stressors can impact our immune health year-round.

This product is gluten-free and still suitable for a low-lactose diet.

Consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition or use prescription medications.

Feel free to share our Website with them so they can go through our ingredients and dosages... If they have any questions they can reach out to us and we'll be happy to correspond!

Yes, 23Vitals™ never uses genetically modified ingredients, and it is Gluten-Free.

No, 23Vitals™ is Soy-Free.

Yes, we only use natural colors in all flavors of 23Vitals™.

While this is often a source of controversy and misinformation, the totality of available scientific evidence and multiple systematic reviews of many studies provide no evidence that they cause harm or increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or kidney disease. 23Vitals™ decided to use a non-caloric sweetener (Sucralose) at a very low dose to enhance the product's palatability such that we can appeal to a large group of consumers. Long-term compliance studies have shown that overall flavor profile and sensory appeal significantly impact consumers' compliance. We carefully evaluated potential risks with potential benefits and found that the potential benefit from compliant, regular consumption of 23Vitals™ far outweighed any risk of using a non-nutritive sweetener.

Regarding Vitamin D3. Of course, we can get more aggressive, but 4,000 IU is the "TUL" (Tolerable Upper Limit per Inst. Of Medicine).
There is more analysis that goes into the doses we chose.

4000 IU represents the TUL. The TUL should not be confused with the recommended dose. It is possible that the TUL is less in older people, those with impaired renal function, or those who take calcium supplements.

Also, while I have been more aggressive clinically and recommending 8,000 to 15,000 IU under specific conditions to individuals, and for some folks even higher, we also need to be considering that most people are also getting Vit D from other sources/ supps.

Finally, it is generally accepted that every 1,000 IU of D3 will raise blood levels of 25-OH Vit D by 5-7ng/mL. So, 4,000 IU will reliably move someone from a level of say 15-25ng/mL into an "optimal" Vit D status of 40-45ng/mL within 2-4 weeks.

Shipping & Guarantees

Yes. We use the highest industry standard 256-bit secure ordering service, so you are protected at the same level as if you were ordering from or any other major, trusted Web site.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just let us know, and our customer support team will assist you with noting the reason for your dissatisfaction and processing a swift refund. You are always protected by our CUSTOMERS' FIRST 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Keep out of reach of children. For adult use only unless directed by your healthcare professional.

Consult a healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

During the checkout process, you will have standard, express, and priority delivery options… depending on where you live, you can expect to receive your product within 3 to 10 days of order.

Big Answers to Big Questions

Occasionally, there may be a temporary or transient response, especially in individuals where the microbiome is not optimized. This may involve a mild laxative or cramping effect. These are signals that some of the bioactives are remodeling and optimizing the microbiome & gut environment. You can decrease your dose (1/2 serving diluted and consumed over the day) for 5 to 7 days and gradually increase to a full serving.

Yes, there are multiple ingredients in 23Vitals™ that support healthy & robust secretory IgA / salivary & mucosal IgA levels:

Wellmune beta-Glucans for sure:

Also, Vitamins A & D have also been shown to support healthy IgA levels. There is a Vit D supplement study on improving IgA levels during stressful Marine Corps basic training.

All of our blood cells—both red (AKA oxygen-transporting erythrocytes) and white (immune/disease-fighting leukocytes)—are generated from stem cells that reside inside the marrow of our bones. All in all, these stem cells give rise to over a dozen different subsets of immune cells (e.g., Neutrophils, Basophils, Eosinophils, Monocytes/Macrophages, Natural Killer Cells, Dendritic Cells, CD8+ Cytotoxic T Cells, CD4+ T-helper Cells, T-suppressor Cells, B-cells/ Plasma Cells, etc.)

Altogether, >100 Billion Immune Cells are Generated daily.

Some accounts claim 10-50 Billion are generated daily.

In the human adult, the bone marrow produces all red blood cells, 60–70 percent of the white cells (i.e., the granulocytes), and all platelets. The lymphatic tissues, particularly the thymus, the spleen, and the lymph nodes, produce the lymphocytes (comprising 20–30 percent of the white cells). The reticuloendothelial tissues of the spleen, liver, lymph nodes and other organs produce monocytes (4–8 percent of the white cells).

MSM sensitivity is a rare but known occasional side effect of MSM. Clinical doses of MSM may trigger a headache for anyone with sulfite sensitivity. However, these effects are rare, and the overall benefit + safety profile of OptiMSM make it a worthy bioactive ingredient in 23Vitals™.

Although the ingredients in 23Vitals™ nutritional supplement products are not necessarily wholly derived from whole foods, many are derived from natural product sources (botanical leaves, fruits, berries, seeds, bark, edible mushrooms, etc.). 

Some ingredients are fermented, and some are synthesized, and we select every ingredient for being in the optimal form based on the best available scientific evidence. These synthetic nutrients are bio-identical and used by the body in the same way as naturally derived ingredients – whether natural or synthetic – and every ingredient is tested to ensure it meets its stringent specifications for identity, purity, and potency.

Sucralose, commonly known as 'Splenda', has an ADI (Adequate Dietary Intake level) of 5mg/kg (e.g., 400mg in a 160 lb person), and is one of the most widely used Artificial Sweeteners, ubiquitous in food and drink products: there is no bioaccumulation of Sucralose. There is an important point to make in light of the significant gap between toxicity and consumption. Just because something has "toxic potential" at a dose that is 100x to 500x what is allowed in Sucralose sweetened food or drink doesn't mean it is. There is a LOWER Dose toxicity threshold for vitamin A, copper, or selenium than Sucralose. What many people are falling prey to is a differentiation made only based on the "nature fallacy": that because Sucralose & other artificial sweeteners are "artificial", they are inherently negative in their health effects.

However, this typically becomes a circular argument since most consumers have already "made up their mind", and don't have the skill set or rigor to critically interpret and evaluate complex science that is nuanced...differences in design methods of analysis, differences between rodents & humans, Lack of appropriate controls, etc.

In recent meta-analyses of the highest rigor that is a study of a collection of human clinical trials, only 2 demonstrated a minor increase in blood glucose levels to a 75g oral glucose challenge; they were still within the normal range. Moreover, over ten studies showed no significant impact on blood sugar.

Finally, the effect of Sucralose on the Gut Microbiome is an example of the hype & emotional, sometimes irrational positions surrounding Sucralose. Those against their use liberally cite & reference the very limited and still incomplete animal data as irrefutable evidence of an effect on the human microbiome. The reality at this point, based on all the available evidence, is we cannot say definitively one way or the other.

There has been rodent and in vitro (test tube) data suggesting that artificial sweeteners, including Sucralose changes the gut microbiome. However, in a recent human study published in summer of 2022 by Suez et al., some of the bacterial species (e.g. Blautia species) that were enriched are actually associated with some health benefits like metabolic health & anti-inflammatory properties.

We're proud that all ingredients are tested 3x for identity, purity, and potency using analytical methods accepted by USP, GLP, and AOAC standards. They are held in quarantine before being released into production.

They are also tested throughout the process along the supply chain and finally, before releasing labeled, packaged finished products for sale. This includes Vitamin C (it includes testing for heavy metals, toxic impurities, and residual solvents).

There has been some debate or controversy about the "bioavailability" and "bioequivalence" of vitamins, minerals, and active extracts from natural biomass sources (tree bark, seeds, fruits, botanicals, mushrooms, ultrafiltered, cold-pressed dairy peptides, etc.). 

The "whole-food" or "natural" source matters for specialty bioactive ingredients, such as Wellmune, ResistAID, VasoDrive-AP, 23V Immune Factors, OptiMSM, Bl-04, and AloeACTIVE, as they are more complex and contain many companion constituents, metabolites & co-factors. 

However, other pure molecules such as Ascorbate (Vitamin C), or Methylcobalamin (B12), or Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) do not differ in their biological activity or efficacy regardless of whether they were manufactured from fermentation, synthetic processes, or provided as a whole food crude material (e.g., Acerola, Oranges, etc.). 

This has been settled with multiple human clinical studies with gold-standard analytical methods. When it comes to Vitamin C, the body treats L-ascorbate identically whether it was synthesized with fermentation methods or extracted purely from acerola.

Moreover, we utilize reputable manufacturers routinely audited for SQF & 21 CFR part 111 cGMP standards and inspected by the FDA. Minerals utilized in 23Vitals™ are chelated for improved bioavailability, as opposed to metal oxide salts. The copper gluconate has also been included to provide an effective ratio alongside Zinc picolinate (Zinmax) and the L-selenomethionine version...all have been demonstrated to be effectively bioavailable without interference on absorption. 

Regarding the Daily Value (DV%), this is a source of confusion for many. Keep in mind that the DVs are what the U.S. Government (and many agencies) has determined is the amount just above what is needed to keep from developing a specific nutrient-deficiency disease, such as scurvy from being deficient in vitamin C. So, 23Vitals™ has utilized doses of vitamin C and D3 that current evidence suggests will OPTIMIZE the various arms & functions of the immune system, while still staying well below the established "Tolerable Upper Limits" of daily supplementation.

We expect our customers to be attempting to follow a balanced, whole-food, nutrient-rich diet. We intentionally chose dosages within the recommended ranges--even in the presence of a healthy background diet.


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Our Promise

We know our product is the best option from a dietary supplement perspective for Total Immune Vitality. If you come across something after you've purchased from us that you believe is "better," or a product that we should be aware of - with respect to claims or efficacy - please share it with us so we can take a look. We'll be happy to provide a comparative analysis. 

Our Commitment

Earning your trust is our #1 priority. If you're unhappy with the product, simply call or email, and one of our team members will do their best to make you happy and address any concern. No games. We created this product because we knew there had to be better way for us to be proactive about our immune system, at a lower cost than what we experienced buying dozens of items off Amazon every month. 

Our Mission

We're going to do everything we can to help be a positive, empowering voice for those who desire being proactive to bolster and prime their immune systems. We leveraged the best nutraceutical science has to offer with broad expertise in human physiology and biochemistry to optimize heath & human performance in daily life. No more fear. We want people to feel safe, courageous and ready for anything.