Why We Felt Compelled to Create 23VITALS™

The Human Spirit Flourishes in The State of Creativity

To achieve this state of coherence, we must unravel the things that keep us living in 'survival mode.' When we are overexposed to stress and negativity we lose the powerful connection between our heart and mind, we get knocked out of alignment, our immune system becomes suppressed, and our spirit begins to lose hope.

Our immune systems have been working overtime - long before '2020'

When I first saw signs of how this year may play out, it triggered many heavy emotions.

At first, the emotions were coming from a place of selfishness and personal survival. I was looking at things through the lens of how things would affect my son, my son's mother, my business, and my ability to provide.

I'd just got done living through my version of a 'lockdown' - where the only way out - was to take 100% responsibility and full accountability for everything that got me to that low point.

It wasn't until I zoomed out that I recognized where the pain and suffering I had to work through would benefit others.

Its time to be more proactive

Awareness --> The Real Killer preventing many of us from living how we were meant to live--while shortening human life span prematurely, is Chronic Stress.

Accountability --> We cannot eliminate all of the causes of stress in our lives, but we can become more aware and proactive in how we deal with these stressors.

Get Started --> When you understand how the immune system works, you can become proactive, empowering your immune system to do it's job, better.

  • Recognize the causes
  • Become better at managing our reactions
  • Prioritizing our health
  • Inspiring those we love, through our actions

Why is this so important, why now?

When we are living in a constant state of stress, two critical things occur; we make it more difficult for our immune system to keep us health and we make poor choices. Which makes us weak and much easier to control and manipulate.

PROBLEM ONE: When stress hormones are released our immune system cannot operate as it should.

We were born 'survivors,' our stress hormones keep us alive when we're in danger; Fight, Run or Hide. However, we are not living with a monster in the closet, though--a job, mortgage, boss, an election year, or quick scroll of social media can make us feel this way.
Stress can be a great motivator - but it does a serious doozy on quality of life, how quickly we age and our ability to heal.
  • Our already over-worked and undernourished immune system becomes compromised
  • Our ability to fight off new challenges introduced becomes minimized
  • Our immune systems ability to continue fending off the poor choices that we've made in our past begin to fail us.

PROBLEM TWO: Many of us have acquired an addiction to these stress hormones.

When we are living in "survival mode," - it is almost impossible for us to tap into the FORCE of our CREATIVE POTENTIAL.
Spending the majority of our day, over time, prevents us many of us from identifying our 'unique gift.'
There are so many problems in the world today, imagine how many can be solved if more of us shake free of this survival dynamic--turning our problems into gifts, and evolving our gifts into super powers - that serve the greater good--with pure intentions of helping others.

23VITALS™ is how we chose to add value to the collective of humanity

How can we make a difference? What can we do to help the individual elevate? How amazing would it be if everyone found that one thing they truly love? How beautiful would it be if that one thing was enough to provide a good living?  

Replace Fear, With Confidence

We know we can't solve this stress pandemic that everyone has been living in - for most of their lives.

But there was one thing within our capabilities, we were already on top of it for those we love most, and the creator compelled us to act.

We found a harmonic balance between the left and the right - led by the most limitless force in the universe, unconditional love.

We co-created the most comprehensive immune supplement in the world. We merged the best of two worlds.

It truly is, but no one knows about it, YET.

Ignite The Human Spirit

We are not a big brand. We don't have a big influencer capable of shining attention on what we've done. We did not raise millions of dollars.

We do not have a digital army, division, or platoon promoting this, just a small band of brothers and sisters--fully aligned with the mission.

This project is led by this single dad, who's been through hell and back. Who's been living in a 'lockdown' for close to 7 years. Who's lived through rock bottom, losing everything but the will to rise above, and the belief that the lessons learned -- were meant for more than just me.

Shine a Light

We were born with the super powers to heal, adapt and overcome.

We decided, collectively, that there was no way we would standby and watch our fellow humans--be the constant recipient of coordinated distraction, confusion, and negativity, without coming up with proactive solutions.

23VITALS is for anyone and everyone. But mostly, it's for those who 'need' it most... those of us who've been living in 'survival mode' for so long--we don't know anything different.

It doesn't have to be that way.

One by one, this shift from living stressed to blessed will get done.

"Total immune optimization begins within. Amazing things start happening when you feel with every ounce of your being, you're prepared for anything."

Two Entrepreneurs and Three dads learned a thing or two about survival over the last 40+ years. We intentionally poured all of our love and years of mastery within our crafts into 23VITALS™, with the knowledge of how powerful co-creation is when the driving force is love. I truly believe the positive reviews about how 'it just makes me feel better" and the fact that our product tastes so dang good is because we envisioned every scoop, giving your immuno-warriors a big hug and words of encouragement.


In March of this year(2020), we searched for all the things anyone concerned about the immune system should be taking. We recognized many areas for improvement and solved for each:

Thoughtfulness. We found most products advertising 'immunity' without taking a more in-depth investigation into what was possible with immune system optimization to become even more resilient.

Transparency. We recognized a large gap in co-operative education around all of the different things one should be doing--proactively, to improve our immune system's internal environment.

Affordability. We identified value discrepancies in both individual ingredients and comprehensive product pricing.

Ease of use. A few months of consuming a counter full of different individual supplements was enough to know we were on the right path, coming up with an easy to remember, once a day fuel that tasted amazing.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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You will not find a more comprehensive solution for immune system health & optimization. You definitely won't find one where the power of love was poured into every finite detail--knowing the powerful impact this has on all things.

Our Promise

We know our product is the best option from a dietary supplement perspective for Total Immune Vitality. If you come across something after you've purchased from us that you believe is "better," or a product that we should be aware of - with respect to claims or efficacy - please share it with us so we can take a look. We'll be happy to provide a comparative analysis. 

Our Commitment

Earning your trust is our #1 priority. If you're unhappy with the product, simply call or email, and one of our team members will do their best to make you happy and address any concern. No games. We created this product because we knew there had to be better way for us to be proactive about our immune system, at a lower cost than what we experienced buying dozens of items off Amazon every month. 

Our Mission

We're going to do everything we can to help be a positive, empowering voice for those who desire being proactive to bolster and prime their immune systems. We leveraged the best nutraceutical science has to offer with broad expertise in human physiology and biochemistry to optimize heath & human performance in daily life. No more fear. We want people to feel safe, courageous and ready for anything.